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  • Transparency. The citizens of the College of DuPage district deserve to know where their tax dollars are going.
  • Respect. Members of the community deserve the respect of the board members. The board members also should be respectful of each other. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Fiscal Responsibility. Every dollar spent and every purchase made must meet a need and must provide a return on investment to the taxpayers of the College of DuPage district.
  • Accessible. As a College of DuPage Trustee, I will work to be accessible by all the stakeholders. I will host periodic town hall meetings and be available for questions from the public.
  • Results. The College of DuPage must continue to improve the academic and career results for it's current and former students. The College should host more job fairs sponsored by area employers and invite not only current students, but also former students and area residents.

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